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The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a piece of legislation designed to ensure that disabled people have the same rights as everyone else. Someone should not be able to take advantage of an opportunity in this country just because they have some sort of disability. This law requires many different entities, both public and private, to adapt and do what they can to make life easier for someone who is suffering from disabilities. A workplace that does not try to accommodate a disabled employee may be breaking the law, and a Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyer can help you hold them accountable.

How Does the Americans with Disabilities Act Apply to the Workplace?

The Americans with Disabilities Act must be complied with by any employer with more than 15 employees. They cannot discriminate against disabled employees in the hiring process. They also have to make reasonable accommodations for any disabled employees. Unless the employer can show that doing something would be an “undue hardship on them, they should make their workplace more welcoming to disabled employees by:

  • Installing ramps
  • Adding accessible bathrooms
  • Offering software and tech usable by deaf or blind people
  • Modifying the layout of a workspace
  • Change policies to allow service animals
  • Make work materials accessible with larger print or Braille
  • Providing sign language interpreters at meetings or events

When an employer does this, they are making it possible for a disabled employee to succeed in their workplace and contribute as much as they can.

What Should I Do If My Employer Ignores the Americans with Disabilities Act?

When your employer refuses to make accommodations or discriminates in the hiring process, they could be violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. This can also be true if they are passing you over for raises, promotions, or new opportunities. At this point, you should make a complaint to the state or the federal government.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing handles these matters at the state level. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, handles this at the federal level. Whichever agency you choose to report to, you must make a complaint within 180 days of the discrimination occurring. Then these entities can choose to investigate your employer or not.

Should I Hire an Employment Lawyer?

Having an employment lawyer on your side during this process can be beneficial for a few reasons. First of all, an attorney can tell you when you are dealing with a case of discrimination. Unfortunately, there are some behaviors, like rude comments from coworkers, that may rise to the level of a discrimination lawsuit.

An employment lawyer can also help you draft your complaint. We can make it easier to make a convincing case to the EEOC or the DFEH. Let’s make your complaint count and hold your employer accountable.

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