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Los Angeles Gender Discrimination Lawyer

Although we’ve made great strides, gender discrimination in the workplace is still something that goes on today. Unfortunately, all too often, employers get away with it because their employees simply don’t take action, even though they’re entitled to do so under the law. That said, if you believe you are a victim of gender-based discrimination in the workplace, RD Law Group is here to help. Contact a seasoned Los Angeles gender discrimination lawyer from our firm today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Los Angeles Lawyer | Fighting Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Were you discriminated against because of your gender or sex? If so, you need to speak with a competent Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer who can help you explore your legal options. In many cases, you will be entitled to compensation via a civil lawsuit against the offending party. RD Law Group has fought on behalf of clients just like you for years, and we are here to fight for you as well.

Gender Discrimination Laws in California

The state of California has several laws in place that prohibit gender discrimination in the workplace. Among them are the California Fair Pay Act, California Equal Pay Act of 1949, and California Fair Employment and Housing Act. These laws, taken together, clearly outline what constitutes gender discrimination in the state of California. Under these laws, employees may not be discriminated against due to their sex, gender identity, or gender expression.

Examples of gender discrimination can include sexual harassment, paying employees different wages for equal work based on their gender, refusing to hire certain employees based on gender, or demoting/not promoting employees based on gender. In many ways, pregnancy discrimination also ties into gender discrimination, meaning if you were wrongfully denied pregnancy leave, denied your position upon returning from pregnancy leave, or were otherwise discriminated against because of a pregnancy, you likely have a valid discrimination claim.

If you believe you were discriminated against in any way due to your gender, you should strongly consider speaking with a competent gender discrimination lawyer at once.

Federal Gender Discrimination Laws

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 explicitly prohibits discrimination against employees due to their sex. Therefore, if you were denied a job, fired, paid unfairly, retaliated against, denied a promotion, or otherwise discriminated against in the workplace, you can most likely take civil action against your employer and file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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Anyone who has been discriminated against because of their gender deserves to have a competent legal advocate in their corner who can fight for the justice they deserve. Contact RD Law Group today to schedule a free case evaluation with our dedicated employment law firm.

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