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There are always going to be some deductions from your paycheck, but some of them are actually not legal in the United States or in California specifically. When an employer decides to deduct money from your check and does not follow federal and state laws, you have options for fighting back. A Los Angeles wage & hour claims lawyer from our firm can help you determine if you have been taken advantage of.

Can an Employer Deduct Money for Tools or Other Items Required to Do My Job?

Some jobs require you to have certain items, like tools or a uniform. In some areas of the country, an employer can give you those items when you begin working and then deduct money from your paycheck over time as you pay off the items. This is legal under federal law, but it is not allowed under California labor laws.

Instead, employers need to supply their workers with everything they need to do their jobs in California. If your employer tries to charge you for tools or a uniform, they are in the wrong.

Can an Employer Deduct Money For Broken Items or a Cash Register Shortage?

Sometimes employers will charge their employees for losses that they allegedly cause. Did you break an item while you were restocking shelves? Federal law says that your boss can deduct money from your check for that. Is your register drawer $100 short? That can also come out of your paycheck.

However, California now forbids these kinds of deductions as well. Unless you are acting dishonestly or in a grossly negligent manner, the employer has to eat the cost and cannot charge an employee for something like a register shortage.

What Can an Employer Deduct Money For in California?

In California, what an employer can deduct money from your paycheck for is rather limited. They can take out:

  • Taxes
  • Any court-ordered wage garnishment
  • Contributions you are voluntarily making to health insurance premiums or retirement accounts

If it does not fall under this category, an employer in California is not supposed to be taking it out of your paycheck.

What Do I Do If My Employer Makes Illegal Deductions?

If you check your paystubs and see that your employer is taking out deductions other than the ones named above, you should try to figure out what is happening. When your employer takes money out of your paycheck illegally, they are stealing from you. They need to be held accountable for that. You can file a claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and a lawyer can help you make that claim complete and convincing.

Contact an Employment Lawyer

If you suspect that your employer is violating the law or taking advantage of you, you need to act. Contact RD Law Group and schedule a consultation with our team. We will do everything that we can to help you make things right.