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Recently Oo-Kook Korean BBQ, a popular Los Angeles restaurant, was fined $66,000 for its violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The manager was participating in the tip pool, taking more than $28,000 in tips that should have gone to the employees. This is after previous issues with wage theft that had to be investigated back in 2020 and 2012. Wage theft is still a major problem in many different industries, and it’s not just stealing tips that counts as theft. A Los Angeles wage & hour claims lawyer can help you if you suspect that your employer is underpaying you.

What Can Be Considered Wage Theft?

Wage theft can be obvious, like a manager taking tips that belong to the wait staff. It can also be a bit less obvious, and you may have to do some math to figure out exactly what is wrong with your recent paychecks. Some things that you need to look out for include:

  • Not getting paid the minimum wage
  • Not getting paid for preparation work
  • Not receiving overtime pay when you are eligible for it
  • Not being paid at all for hours worked

These stolen wages can make a big difference when it comes to your finances. Overtime is a good example here. You should be paid time and a half for any hours over 40 worked if you are eligible for overtime. That takes a $20 per hour wage and turns it into a $30 per hour wage. A $50 per hour wage turns into a $75 per hour wage. Do not let your employer take this much money from you!

How Should I Respond to Wage Theft?

When you suspect wage theft, you must document everything. Keep track of every pay stub and keep careful track of your own hours worked. Once you have evidence of a pay discrepancy, talk to your employer about it.

It is entirely possible that there is just a mistake being made here. Your employer may be able to fix things and ensure that you get the proper pay. If your bosses do not cooperate with you, it’s time to go above their heads and report them.

When Should I Report My Employer to the Government?

You can file a report with the Labor Commissioner’s Office, also known as the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. There is a specific unit that investigates claims like yours known as the Wage Claim Adjudication Unit.

You can file a complaint online or in person at one of the BOFE’s locations. You can also have a lawyer’s help when you file the complaint. This is a good idea because the state can only investigate so many claims. You want to make a convincing case. If your employer is investigated and found to be stealing wages, they will be cited and forced to pay back employees.

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