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At RD Law Group our top California Employment Lawyers are here to help you through your employee problem. Learn how we helped our client Hector M., a 45-year-old man, who worked at a local towing company.

He was being subjected to working in an unsafe work environment on a daily basis. Hector needed his job and kept working under unsafe conditions because he did not want to get fired. He finally began to complain to his supervisor but got nowhere. Hector sent email complaints about the problem, and in retaliation his employer reduced his work hours, and he was ultimately fired.

When he was fired from his job in Los Angeles, he contacted RD Law Group. We told Hector exactly what to do, and we handled the rest.

Read more below about Hector’s “California Wrongful Termination” Case.

Case Type: Wrongful Termination
Name: Hector M.
Age: 45
Employment: 5 months

Claimant Information

Our client Hector, a 45-year-old Hispanic male, worked at a towing company in Los Angeles for around five months. Our client experienced an unsafe work environment when he was asked to operate a tow truck that was in very bad condition.

The tow truck company had not maintained their vehicles in a safe manner. His tow truck’s steering wheel was crooked, the driver seat back was bent all the way back and would not straighten up, there were loose and broken taillights, the steering wheel was out of alignment, the tires were in very poor condition with a high likelihood of a blowout, and the side mirrors were broken off prohibiting proper views when driving, backing up and parking. He was also not provided a proper safety vest to protect him from traffic.

Our client sent several complaints to management about the poor condition of his vehicle and that he had concerns about his own safety. Management refused to fix the problems. These issues were brought to the attention of multiple supervisors, multiple times but nothing was done to correct them. In fact, our client was told that during his vehicle inspection for the DOT, he was to mark the issues on the report, but continue driving the truck anyway.

After our client sent numerous complaints to management, they started to give him less favorable maintenance jobs and had him changing tires all day long instead of driving the tow truck, which is what he was hired to do.

Eventually, our client was terminated for “not doing his job duties.”

RD Law Group Resolution

Hector reached out to RD Law Group. Once we reviewed all the evidence in the case, we contacted the tow truck company owner. In a short period of time, we were able to secure a sizable settlement for our client due to his being wrongfully terminated from his job. Luckily our client provided text messages that he sent to management, as well as photos of the unsafe tow truck.