pregnancy discrimination

Title VII can help protect workers from many types of discrimination based on qualities that they do not control, like gender or age, but did you know that it was not originally set up to explicitly protect pregnant workers? The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 changed that, giving workers a way to report employers who treated them differently due to their pregnancy. If you believe that your employer is currently in violation of this act, then you should talk to a Los Angeles pregnancy discrimination lawyer.

What Does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act Do?

Essentially, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 extends the protections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to pregnant workers. Title VII prevents employers from discriminating against workers for all types of reasons. They cannot, for example, fire someone due to their race or religion. Now pregnant workers have that same protection.

What Can Be Considered Pregnancy Discrimination?

You usually cannot report one-off comments or rudeness from a coworker as discrimination, but it helps to document anything in case you can identify a pattern of bad behavior. We usually suggest reporting an employer for pregnancy discrimination if:

  • Constant harassment has made your workplace into a hostile work environment
  • You believe that your pregnancy cost you a raise or promotion
  • You think that your employer is not giving you certain opportunities due to your pregnancy
  • Your employer has made no effort to stop the mistreatment you’ve suffered at the hands of supervisors or coworkers

If you have begun to dread going to work or you feel as if your efforts to get ahead have been sabotaged by discriminatory bosses, then you need to report what you have experienced.

How Can I Report Pregnancy Discrimination?

Employees usually have two options for reporting pregnancy discrimination. You can contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at the federal level. The EEOC can review your complaint and decide to investigate. You can also report your issues to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Whatever you decide, a lawyer from our firm can help you gather the evidence you need and file your claim.

What If My Employer Retaliates Against Me?

Unfortunately, some employers do not learn their lesson after getting reported. Whether an investigation penalized them or not, the bosses at your workplace cannot treat you differently for exercising your rights. If you make a complaint to the EEOC and then find yourself getting demoted, fired, or otherwise mistreated, that is retaliation and your employer could be punished for it.

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